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Part For Foaming Machine

The pump is approved for pumping and metering Polyurethane component ( polyol and isocynate)

Metering Pump

Axial piston pump Variable A7VK Metering Pump for Polyurethane Component

  • Mounting flange, drive shaft and functions identical to A2VK, thus easy to replace
  • Reduced dimensions and mass in comparison to A2VK
  • Improved volumetric efficiency through robust unit in well-tried axial tapered piston technology
  • Manual adjustment with precision gauge and clamping device to prevent unintended adjustment
  • Double shaft sealing of special compound and flushing chamber
  • In closed design (A7VKG) or open design (A7VKO) available
  • Increased corrosion protection through special surface treatment
  • Optional with mounted high-pressure relief valve
  • Low operating noise
  • Bent-axis design
Size 12 28 55 107
geometric, per revolution
Vg max cm³ 11.6 28.1 54.8 107
Nominal pressure pnom bar 250 250 250 250
Maximum pressure pmax bar 315 315 315 315
Flow at Vg max and nnom qV nom l/min 20.9 50.6 98.6 192.6
at Vg max and n = 1500 rpm qV 1500 l/min 17.4 42.2 82.2 160.5
Power at qV nom and pnom P kW 8.7 21.1 41.1 80.3
at qV 1500 and pnom 1500 kW 7.3 17.6 34.2 66.9
Torque at Vg max and pnom M Nm 46.2 111.8 218 425.7
Weight (approx.) m kg 11.7 22.1 31 55

Axial piston pump Variable A2VK Metering Pump for Polyurethane Component

  • Variable axial piston pump for pumping and metering polyurethane components
  • High metering accuracy and reproducibility of the variable pumped volumes
  • Robust manual adjustment via handwheel with integral precision measuring scale
  • Operating pressure up to 250 bar
  • Low pulsation of the pumped medium
  • Pump components are compatible with the pumped media(polyol, isocyanate) due to special pairings of materials andsealing elements
  • Low-noise
  • Excellent volumetric efficiency for high metering accuracy
  • Double shaft seals with buffer fluid ports to guarantee safe operation (and protect the environment)
  • With corrosion protection
  • Version: Open/Close design
  • Size : 12,28 cc
  • Nominal Pressure : 250 bar
  • Max. Pressure : 350 bar

Rotary power C07 Metering Pump for Polyurethane Component

  • Uniform fluid temperatures throughout the pump.
  • Designed for high inlet pressure. Twin PTFE seals running on a ceramic bush allow Up to 20 bar.
  • High metering accuracy. Matched and balanced control components minimise backlash errors.
  • No leakage return line, pump internally drained.
  • Leakage indicator and lubrication ports included.
  • All major components treated to minimise corrosion.
  • Cartridge shaft seal to ease service and minimise maintenance time.
  • Certified to ATEX directive 94/9/EC.

Trochoid Pump

  • Theoretical Discharge 39 ( L/Min )at 1500 rpm.
  • Max.Pressure 4 Mpa.
  • Port inlet Rc 1-1/4”
  • Port outret Rc 1”

Piping System

There are so many type piping such as the underground system. Industrial support system Steam pipe, Water and Air pipe, High pressure pipe and utility pipe system.

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We have experience for piping design and Installation work.

Steam Piping

High Pressure Piping

The piping high pressure for polyurethane ( polyol and isocyanate and Hydraulic )

Water, Air piping

We have installation pipe type Syler and PPR for water cooling.

Overhaul and Remove-Installation machine

Our the company has experience for repair machine and has remove -installation machine.

Mixing head replace seal

Replace Seal Agitator for Tank chemical.

Metering Pump replace part.

Cleaning Heat Exchanger Tank.

Remove- Installation machine.