The NEOSEAL branded non-hardening putty series are highly demanded for most of the customers in Japan. Since originally manufacturing sealing compound in 1956, our sealing products have been widely applied for many fields such as constructions, vessels and train cars, and especially for public works. Together with NEOSEAL B-3 preferred extensively, we also prepare NEOSEAL B-W(white colored putty) and NEOSEAL B-1(flame-resistant putty) for a variety of customer needs

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● Excel at adhesiveness, waterproof and sustainability of sealing performance.
● Fined texture and non-sticky tactile sensation make easy workability.
● No irritating odor because of its non-solvent type.
● Good at workability under low temperature environment.


Sealing for voids and spaces requiring waterproof, protection from insects, corrosion, dust prevention and seal performance.
● Construction: cable and pipe space, electrical equipment etc.
● Plant: the cut end of plants for protection after pruning etc.
● Vehicles related: train cars, etc.
● Vessels related: inner sealing for water-proof gland, lightning equipment, traffic light device, telecommunication equipment, etc.


● Please clean the surface where the sealing products will be applied, and be free of drainage such as oil, water, and dust.
● The sealing products can be applied by hand work, and you can use a stick or suitable instrument to support your work.
● Remained products should be stored with the surface covered by some wrap like plastic bag.


Neoseal B-3, Neoseal B-1, Neoseal B-W


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