//Mould Temperature Controller

Mould Temperature Controller

MTC is mainly employed to reduce Mold Pre-heating time, control mold temperature, prevent flow marks, or other undesirable phenomena on the molded surface, control constant temperature
Plastic & Rubber Industry
Die casting industry: Zinc, Aluminum, and Magnesium

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Design features

HTM-W series running medium is water.
HTM-O series running medium is oil.
Microcomputer system adopted, PID auto-temperature controller, capable of controlling oil and water temperature within ±1ºC
Stainless steel heating barrel equipped, features fast heating and cooling, easy for cleaning.
High temperature pump with high efficiency adopted, features high pressure, big flow, low noise and high stability.
Compact, rugged and powder coated cabinet with elegant appearance, quick release side panels provides easy maintenance.
Equipped with alarm and Multi fault indicators, while fault happened, the alarm will be sound automatically, fault code showed, customer will know the fault and reason at the first time, and hand in time, which is to guarantee system running safely.
Equipped with phase-sequence protective device, short current protective device, liquid level protective device, electronic time relay, etc.


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