//Heating and Cooling Chiller

Heating and Cooling Chiller

HTHC-A series heating and cooling chillers, with dual function for offering hot and cold water designed by HERO-TECH, is widely used in Plastic products cooling, injection molding machine, extrusion, Foam equipment, Pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

This unit can rush to the cold water temperature to make sure the high production efficiency.

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Design features

Compact design, light weight and easy for operation.
Offering hot water to increase the temperature or cold water to decrease the temperature according to the production demand and temperature can be kept at the set point with variation± 1C, easy to operate, fast to increase and decrease temperature.
Original America and Japan brand compressor, featuring built-in safety protection, low noise and long service life.
Original SCHNEIDER brand electric components.
Open type storage tank equipped, easy for cleaning and maintenance.
Complete protection measures, intelligent fault indicator and alarm.
Elegant design, with rubber caster, easy for operation and maintenance.
Standard design: 3pH 380V/50Hz
Options: 3pH 220V/240V/380V/440V/460V 60Hz.
R22 charged, CFC free R407C, R410A, R404A, R134A for option.


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